Wallace Park

2110 Market St Wilmington, NC 28403

34.23549 -77.9202

Michael comes across a trio of kids and follows them to a nearby park, killing one of them before being found by a grown up Lindsey Wallace. Ignoring her, he targets her SUV parked nearby with three people inside including former nurse Marion Chambers who used to work with Dr. Loomis. As Michael stabs Marion to death, he is nearly strangled by Marcus; however, Michael stabs him in the face with his knife. The remaining occupant, Vanessa, tries shooting him several times, but Michael kicks one of the car doors into her arm and redirects the gun at her when it fires. He begins to stalk Lindsey through the nearby woods, but loses sight of her and returns to the park the pose the bodies.

SOURCE: https://halloweenmovie.fandom.com/wiki/Michael_Myers/2018_Timeline

Halloween Kills




David Gordon Green


Surviving victims of Michael Myers form a vigilante mob and vow to end his reign of terror after they discover that he is still alive.

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