Our Plot

A couple years ago, some friends and I spent the weekend in Sacramento for my birthday to visit the locations from The Birds and Scream. I did my research and spent some time on Google trying to find exactly where to go.

That's where the idea for On Set! dawned on me. I wanted a simple app, that makes finding these locations easier than doing online searches.

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Our Storyboard

On Set! App

In 2020 we launched the initial version of our app helping users discover their favorite set locations.

On Screen! Podcast

In 2021 we started growing out some film location related content with the premeir of our podcast "On Screen!".

On Set! Website

In 2021 we underwent a re-branding and launched a website to complement the app. We'll be working to re-brand the app in the near future.

Our Crew

Joe Brunett
Joe Brunett

CEO & Head of Horror

Favorite Movie: Halloween (1978)

Joe Cuffney
Joe Cuffney

CTO & Man of Mystery

Favorite Movie: Hot Fuzz (2007)

Jesse Reichenstein
Jesse Reichenstein

VP Design & Director of Comedy

Favorite Movie: Bowfinger (1999)


Film Fanatic

We're always looking to connect with fellow film fans, feel free to reach out to us at hello@getonsetapp.com